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Chapter 5: Conclusion

After reading this White Paper, you have to ask, is xmlHack for you? If you are like many others out there that do XML editing, but hate working in bloated environments that try to think for you, then the answer must be emphatically Yes. If you prefer that the applications give you complete control and don't get in your way, the answer is Yes. If you know what you're doing and despise programs trying to think for you, the answer is Yes. If you need a program to do a lot of external non-XML functionality, that tries to do more for you than you really need, and takes forever to load, then the answer is no.

xmlHack is the ultimate text editor specifically designed for XML. With it's added, but completely configurable and optional features, there is no better XML Editor on the market today.

XML Editor : xmlHack
Retailing for $49.95 USD, go to http://www.sysonyx.com/purchase to purchase your copy of xmlHack today.
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