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Hot Topics

Below is a list of recent discussion topics that are receiving some decent attention. Click on any of the titles to see the topics on our web forums.

New Product Poll: xmlAssimilator
Which GUI for xmlAssimilator do you prefer?

Different File Extension?
Even though xmlLinguist Map files are saved in XML format, should these files have a different file extension? And if so, which ones?

Should we do away with Position?
Does a manual Field Position make any sense in xmlLinguist? Should this be simply implied?

Automating the Translation Engine.
We're automating the translation engine. If there are any features you want in particular in the automation capabilities, speak up now.

Translate EDI x12 850 PurchaseOrder to XML using xmlLinguist
A map for an x12 850 Purchase Order has been created and we're seeking general feedback from it's design/style.

How do we implement xsd:choice nodes?
Discussion on how to make the Instance Document TreeView show xsd:choice nodes. This thread has veered a bit from the topic and is discussing the merits of the XML TreeView itself, as well as a possibility of merging xmlHack and xmlArchitect.

Programming XML and XML Schema
Discussions for creating a language independant repesentation of Objects. Talk between what's been done in .NET and other languages, and possibly creating a more 'standardized' version.

A useful (xmlHack) Function?
xmlHack has a Formatting feature, but what about an Unformatting feature? Socotra has requested for a feature to save XML files without extra whitespace, in effect making the resulting XML file as small as possible.