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xmlLynx is a simple, yet powerful, Application Integration Suite offered by SysOnyx Inc. Using an easy-to-understand approach, xmlLynx offers a visual way of representing communications that need to happen between both internal applications (A2A) and external business transactions (B2B or EDI). Part of this communication will be the necessity of translating the messages to the different formats of backend systems or customer requirements. xmlLynx allows for translastions of various formats into XML, and through XSLT, they can then be pushed into the different formats of the systems that are requesting the data. xmlLynx offers an automated solution handling both real-time responses and scheduled batches.

Built inside of Microsoft's .NET framework, xmlLynx is an "open" application, all of it's main power held within extensions. SysOnyx has a handful of extensions bundled with xmlLynx, as well as some specialized extensions that can be purchased separately (such as xmlLinguist). Being an open framework, custom extension can also be created by the end-user for specific solutions that SysOnyx has not dealt with.

Scheduled Release Date: Spring 2007

Early image of xmlLynx GUI Prototype