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News Archive

Announcing: xmlDig, the XML-SQL Extractor 01-JUL-2005
xmlDig, the XML-SQL Extractor

Announcing xmlDig Beta, the XML-SQL Extractor. Enter in a SQL statement, point it to a database, and execute for XML results.

Leveraging off of Microsoft ADO technology, xmlDig will execute any valid SQL statement against any OLE/DB database. Result sets are in easy to read XML, and queries can be parameterized and nested. This allows for great complexity in SQL statements.

xmlDraft Beta is available for immediate download, free to the general public. We encourage all to give this application a spin and send us any and all feedback.

xmlDig Beta WebPages for more information
Download the free xmlDig beta application now!
xmlDig WebForums for bug reporting and community information.

New article: XML Editor 29-MAR-2005

In the Articles section, a new article has been added, the third in our "creation" series, detailing the creation process behind xmlHack, the Simple XML Editor.

The article called xml-editor is a self indulgent diary from the creators of xmlHack. It details the genesis of the application, the reasoning for including various features, and explains why the world needs yet another XML editor.

Goto xml-editor for a fun read. Leave any feedback and comments on our xmlHack Web Forums.

LTE ver 1.2 28-MAR-2005

The xmlLinguist Translation Engine, or LTE for short, has been updated to version 1.2 and is available for immediate download on our Downloads page. LTE is the automation component of xmlLinguist, our Text-to-XML translator.

LTE ver 1.2 contains the following fixes:
  • Bug Fix: Memory Leak when running multiple files in LTE.EXE
  • New Feature: MapSource property in LTE.DLL, to pass in the xmlLinguist Map as a string instead of a filename.

Download the setup and run it ontop of the old setup (no need to uninstall before reinstalling). Questions and comments are welcomed on our webforums.

New Article: xml schema editor 16-NOV-2004

The Tutorials section was changed to the Articles section, to allow for a larger level of articles and tutorials to be posted. The second in our series details the creation process behind xmlDraft, the Smart XSD Editor.

This article is called xml-schema-editor is a self indulgent diary from the creators of xmlDraft. It details the genesis of the application, the reasoning for including various features, highlights how xmlDraft shines in xml schema editing, and what the future holds for the application.

Goto xml-schema-editor for a fun read. Leave any feedback and comments on our xmlDraft Web Forums.

Announcing: xmlDraft ver 1.0 01-NOV-2004

Announcing xmlDraft ver. 1.0, the Smart XML Schema editor. Previously known as xmlArchitect, xmlDraft includes many improvements over our initial beta application.

In addition to being a W3C XML Schema editor, xmlDraft offers the intuitive ability to view what an instance document should look like through the Instance Tree. This tree reduces the complexity of the W3C XML Schema language, allowing the user to understand a schema at a glance. Also, since the tree is completely editable, schema creation and maintenance is a breeze.

xmlDraft ver 1.0 retails for $99.95, with discounts available for bulk purchases. You can also download a free, trial version of xmlDraft, fully functional for 30 days.

xmlDraft WebPages for more information
Download the free xmlDraft trial now!
Purchase xmlDraft now on a secured website.
xmlDraft WebForums for bug reporting and community information.

New Tutorial: xml to edi 850 16-SEPT-2004

A new section to our website: Tutorials. We will be adding new tutorials on a regular basis. These tutorials will cover a myriad of XML topics, and show insights to SysOnyx, Inc. products on how to accomplish day-to-day tasks.

For our first tutorial we have chosen a topic in high demand: xml to edi 850. This tutorial goes into detail how to use xmlLinguist and LTE to translate an XML Purchase Order into the EDI 850 X12 Document. The Purchase Order we are using is a mockup of a PayPal Purchase Order, but the knowledge garnered from the Tutorial can be used for praticually any Tutorial.

Goto xml to edi 850 to view the tutorial. Feel free to leave any comments on our xmlLinguist Web Forum.

xmlHack update: ver 1.0.2 10-NOV-2003

xmlHack Beta

xmlHack ver. 1.0.2. is available for download now. It addresses the following bugs and new features:

  • Updated to latest SynEdit version.
  • Great improvements to the TagInsight dropdown
  • Made the Gutter auto-size to the appropriate linenumber count
  • Implemented Restore Opened Docs on Startup
  • Added Editor | Behavior options (caret, scroll, etc)
  • Fixed a TagCompletion problem if typing '>' on a close tag, sometimes would (incorrectly) recomplete the tag. Now works as designed.
  • Fixed bug with Recent files, was listing in backwards order after open.
  • Added number to Recent Files
  • Added filenames to RecentFiles on Save/SaveAs (previously only added on Open)
  • Fixed bug when clicking File|Close if no files were open (previously acess violated)
  • Added enabling/disabling of controls when no files are open
  • Added YesToAll button when opening readonly files
  • Added YesToAll and NoToAll buttons when closing files
  • Added a ReplaceAll button to the initial Replace dialog
  • Added Printer Dialog to printing
  • Fixed Print function to print as editor is setup

xmlHack ver 1.0.2 upgrade is free for current 1.0 owners. Download the xmlHack Install application and reinstall now.

xmlHack WebPages for more information
Purchase xmlHack now for only $49.95 USD.
xmlHack WebForums for bug reporting and community information.

Announcing: xmlLinguist ver. 1.0 05-MAR-2003
xmlLinguist Box

Announcing SysOnyx Inc. text-to-XML Translator: xmlLinguist ver. 1.0. Written specifically to help get our legacy B2B files into XML, xmlLinguist can be used to translate and structured data in flat files into XML, and visa-versa. We've kept in line with our company goals of keeping xmlLinguist simple, effecient, and affordable.

xmlLinguist is the Text-to-XML Translator for your B2B needs. With the Map Editor, you can map just about any structured flat file and then translate them directly into XML. Once in XML, the full power and flexability of XML is at your fingertips. Validate the document with an XML Schema, translate it with an XML Stylesheet, etc.

xmlLinguist ver 1.0 retails for only $79.95 and can be purchased online through our partners at TopXML. xmlLinguist ver. 1.0 is also available for a 30 day free trial period at TopXML.

And don't forget that the translation capabilities of xmlLinguist can be automated through the Royalty Free xmlLinguist Translation Engine (LTE). Click here for more details.

xmlLinguist WebPages for more information
Download the free xmlLinguist trial now!
Purchase xmlLinguist now at TopXML's secured website for only $79.95.
xmlLinguist WebForums for bug reporting and community information.

Last change to try xmlLinguist beta! 06-FEB-2003

Hot on the tails of the release of xmlHack, xmlLinguist is gearing up for it's first official release to the public. As such, the final beta build (ver has been released for free downloading and testing.

A lot of bugs have been reported and fixed within the map editor. This is a much more stable version of xmlLinguist. Download the latest version at http://www.sysonyx.com/downloads. Please leave us feedback and report any bugs either through emailing http://pub41.ezboard.com/fsysonyxfrm15.

As noted above, this will be the last free download of xmlLinguist, the Map Editor. The next version, to follow quickly, will be the full retail version with a suggested retail price of $79.95, so download this version now.

Announcing: xmlHack ver. 1.0 31-JAN-2003
xmlHack Beta

Announcing SysOnyx Inc. simple XML editor: xmlHack ver. 1.0. After months of development and beta testing, xmlHack is ready for retail. And we've kept in line with our company goals of keeping xmlHack simple, effecient, and affordable.

xmlHack is the simple XML editor for the casual user. It prides itself on being fast, effecient and easy-to-use. The User Interface is very straight forward, focusing on the fact that XML is text, presenting a fast text editor with some additional features to make XML easy to use (such as Syntax Highlighting, Tag Completion, Tag Insight, etc.).

xmlHack ver 1.0 retails for only $49.95 and can be purchased online through our partners at TopXML. xmlHack ver. 1.0 is also available for a 30 day free trial period at TopXML.

xmlHack WebPages for more information
Download the free xmlHack trial now!
Purchase xmlHack now at TopXML's secured website.
xmlHack WebForums for bug reporting and community information.

Last beta version of xmlHack available now! 30-NOV-2002

Things have been progressing well for SysOnyx Inc. due to the large number of beta users commenting on our XML development tools. One of these tools, xmlHack, our XML text editor, is nearing completion and we've compiled the last of our free, public betas.

A lot of work has gone into this version, most notably bug fixes with the Preview feature and a completed help file. Download this latest version at http://www.sysonyx.com/downloads. Please leave us feedback and report any bugs either through emailing http://pub41.ezboard.com/fsysonyxfrm12.

As noted above, this will be the last free download of xmlHack. The next version, to follow quickly, will be the full retail version with a suggested retail price of $49.95, so download this version now.

Hot Topics added to website 30-NOV-2002

Hot Topics were recently added to the website, a listing of conversations on our webforums that are worth noting and commenting on. These lists will be frequently updated, and eventually added to individual product pages, where topics will be listed for the particular products.

Visit the Hot Topics Overview Page for a current listing of Hot Topics.
Visit the Official SysOnyx Inc. WebForums for a listing of all topics.

xmlLinguist available in Public Beta 19-NOV-2002

xmlLinguist has been tried and tested by our beta testers and is now available for public trial. A simple Text-To-XML translator, the public beta is a free download of the Map Editor (which includes a manual version of the translation engine).

xmlLinguist WebPages for more information
Download xmlLinguist now!
xmlLinguist WebForums for bug reporting and community information.

SysOnyx Inc. focus revisited 11-NOV-2002

SysOnyx Inc. has been dedicated to created simple, useful XML tools as well as Integration Solutions, creating an A2A/B2B EAI system dubbed xmlLynx, and various supporting applications, such as xmlLinguist. This was our initial strategy and seemed to be a good start.

However, as we've neared completion with a lot of our XML tools, we've decided to revisit the overall goal of SysOnyx Inc. Rather than stretching our initial resources to cover many bases, we're tightening down our efforts to focus on developing our XML tools.

Our first movement towards this goal is bringing xmlLinguist from the B2B world into a "normal", simple XML tool. xmlLinguist is currently in private Beta testing right now, and will soon be released for Public testing. Our second move will be a minor rework of the website, focusing all of it on XML tools. xmlLynx will temporarily be put on the back shelf.

The future of xmlLynx is not yet determined though. The idea and skills are still there, however the focus is on the XML tools. This does not mean the end of xmlLynx, simply that it is temporarily shelved. Later, the question will be addressed if we should resurrect xmlLynx or not.

xmlLinguist entered private beta testing 22-OCT-2002

Great work has been done this month on xmlLinguist, SysOnyx Inc.'s Text-to-XML translator, enough so that a private Beta testing has commenced with existing Beta testers (i.e. those who've downloaded xmlArchitect and xmlHack, and are receiving announcements). If interested in participating in this beta, please email info@sysonyx.com requesting more information.

View the xmlLinguist pages for more information, and an updated screenshot.

Hack 'n Slash doc available 11-SEP-2002

The white paper for xmlHack is now available for those wanting more information behind the maddness of the edged sword. It is called "Hack 'n Slash" and is in MS Word format.

Download the white paper Hack N Slash.doc now!

Announcing: xmlHack 01-JUL-2002
xmlHack Beta  

Announcing SysOnyx Inc. latest creation: xmlHack. xmlHack is the ultimate text editor for the XML Developer. Designed to not get in your way, xmlHack makes your XML work for you.

xmlHack is now is a public beta, free for downloading. View it's webpages for more information, download to give it a whirl, and post on the webforums any bugs you come across.

xmlHack WebPages for more information
Download xmlHack now!
xmlHack WebForums for bug reporting and community information.

Disc. Topic: Implementing xsd:choice? 17-MAY-2002

A new thread for open discussion has been posted on the SysOnyx Web Forums about implementing xsd:choice elements. Currently, it's not implemented inside of xmlArchitect, as it's been a struggle on figuring out how to do it. The thread (http://pub41.ezboard.com/fsysonyxfrm6.showMessage?topicID=4.topic) has been opened asking the community at large to post their opinions on the best way to solve this problem.

View the thread.

xmlArchitect Update: ver. 01-MAY-2002

A new version of xmlArchitect has been released, build This version came as a result of testing xmlArchitect with the schemas from OAG (www.openapplications.org). See the thread "Speed Optimizations" for more details.

This release contains:
  • Added support for xsd:complexContent node
  • Added support for xsd:extension
  • Added support for Recursive types (child nodes of same type as a parent node)
  • Fixed a couple xsd:annotation problems (was reporting illegal when shouldn't have)
  • Changed Messages window to not repeat messages
  • Optimized XML Tree View to not update XSD text if node is edited but value not changed

xmlArchitect Update: Facets 27-APR-2002

xmlArchitect has been updated (ver., the largest change being added support of constraining facets as columns in the XML Tree View and rows in the XSD Properties window.

Version (built on 4-27-2002) has the following changes:
  • Completed min & max Occur properties of a node
  • Added Facet nodes to properties and grid:
    • length
    • minLength
    • maxLength
    • whiteSpace
    • pattern
    • minExclusive
    • maxExclusive
    • minInclusive
    • maxInclusive
    • totalDigits
    • fractionDigits

New Product Preview: xmlAssimilator 23-APR-2002

A new product is in the works at SysOnyx Inc. code named xmlAssimilator, a high level XSL template editor for business users to create rules to be applied to XML documents, the final step of assimilating data into your back-end systems.

Public Alpha is in the works, as well as general opinions from users being requested on the web forums. Click Here to view the current topic on the web forums. Please leave your comments as well.

xmlArchitect better than VS.NET 16-APR-2002

A user recently tried to utilize Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET's feature of opening an XML file and creating a schema for it, however VS.NET failed due to the existance of child nodes from different parents with the same name. xmlArchitect rose to the challenge and successfully created the XML Schema.

Details of this feat are listed on the General Topics web forum.

View the Web Forum posting

Update: xmlArchitect build 0.17 29-MAR-2002

A new build of xmlArchitect has been published, implementing a few new features:

Version has the following changes:
  • fixed bug when entering an Invalid XML name into a node on the TreeView, the node did not revert back to it's "original" name.
  • fixed bug that when changing Name in XML Tree View, was not synching with the Properties dropdown.
Version (built on 3-27-2002) added more Options to better customize the Editor:
  • Editor Font
  • Editor Font Size
  • Editor Smart Tabs
  • Editor Insert Tab As Spaces
  • Editor Tab Width
  • Right Margin Visible
  • Right Margin Position
  • Right Margin Color
  • Left Gutter Visible
  • Left Gutter Width
  • Left Gutter Color
  • Left Gutter Show Line Numbers

Web Forums up and running 13-MAR-2002

SysOnyx Inc. now has a few Web Forums up for general public usage. In the early days of our company, the majority of our support will be handled via these Web Forums. We will also frequently be asking questions to our users about tell-and-tell feature in the product lines on these Web Forums, so make sure you visit them frequently.

You do not need to create an account with EZBoard to use our Web Forums, you can post annonymously, or even use a user-name with no account, however a lot of nifty features are available if you do create an account, so we highly recommend that you do.

Click here to visit our Web Forums!

xmlArchitect goes beta 01-MAR-2002

xmlArchitect has gone into a public beta stage. Download it, try it out, and leave feedback. At this point, future development will be driven solely from user feedback. What you say you want and need, we will create and deliver.

Download xmlArchitect beta now!

LotR pulls in 13 nominations 01-MAR-2002

Lord of the Ring: The Fellowship of the Rings has pulled in 13 oscar nominations, most notibly for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Ian McKellan for Gandalf), and Best Original Score, among a slew of technical nominations.

Why is this mentioned here? Well, SysOnyx Inc. is full of LotR fans and are estatic that the Academy has also felt that FotR has been a successful and great film. :-)

View IMDb's FotR entry for more information