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xmlHack has a lot of benefits for the XML Developer. The biggest problem with other XML Editors is that they are way too bloated and won't let you simply edit your XML. xmlHack does the exact opposite. It is a text editor, plain and simple, but has a few added features to make the XML Developer's life easier.

Listed below are some of the more important features:

Completed Benefits
(available in the current beta)
  • Text Editor
    By far the best reason to buy xmlHack is that it is a text editor. xmlHack prides itself on being fast, loading quick (compared to other XML Editors on the market today), and letting the XML Developer do what he does best: edit XML text.

  • Text Editor
    I cannot stress enough that the most important feature of xmlHack is that it is a text editor. A highly configurable, yet simple and beautiful text editor. Dblclicking on your XML files will launch this quick app, and as an XML Developer, there's very little more that I would want.

  • New File Templates
    Working with various XML files can be tedious to remember exactly how different documents should begin. xmlHack offers the ability to create new documents by selecting a FileTemplate and then copying its text into the new document (makes creating XSL and XSD files a lot faster when you don't have to try to remember all those stylesheet attributes).

  • Tag Insight and Tag Completion
    As mentioned above, xmlHack is a text editor with some additional features to ease the life of the XML Developer. One of these features is the Tag Insight and Completion. xmlHack dynamically checks the namespaces used in the currently editing document, and if one exists that matches it's list of namespace elements, then a list of suggested elements drops down as the user types, very similar to Development IDEs. This feature is known as TagInsight.

    TagCompletion, on the other hand, simply notes that when the user closes an XML tag (i.e. types the > character), the editor will dynamically print a corresponding closing tag.

  • Configurable Code Completion
    Code Completion allows the user to enter a key word and have it dynamically replaced by a bunch of code. This list is definable by the user (though comes with a lot of useful code by default).

  • Formatting your XML
    More often than not an XML Developer is forced to maintain documents that don't follow any sort of formatting. xmlHack allows you to format your documents with your choice of two formatters: TidyCOM or xmlHack's custom algorythm.

  • Validation and Preview
    In edition to helping the XML Developer edit his text, xmlHack will let validate the document as well as let it be previewed in an external application (such as IE) with the click of a button. If the Validation fails, it will indicate where in the XML document the problems exits.

Planned Benefits
(to be done for the final version)
  • You tell us!
    xmlHack was designed primarily to satisfy a handful of developers' desires for editing XML. Now that we've scratched their itch, you tell us what more you'd want to see in a simple XML editor. Otherwise, there is no more need for future benefits.

  • Drag & Drop Files from Windows
    A recent beta tester suggested the ability to drag a file straight into an open instance of xmlHack and have it then dynamically open the dragged file. This shall shortly be implemented.

Please note all of these features are fully configurable by the user.