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Integration & Tools

SysOnyx Inc. is a company dedicated to delivering quality XML solutions at reasonable prices. SysOnyx has two main focuses for the industry, XML tools and a B2B/A2A Integration solutions.

SysOnyx's XML tools are designed to be stand alone programs for the XML developer.
  • xmlArchitect is an intuitive XSD editor, displaying a treeview of a sample instance document while you edit the Schema.
  • xmlAssimilator is a high-level XSLT rule application, abstracting the complexities of XSLT into easily managable Assimilation Rules.
  • xmlCartographer is a visual XSLT editor, allowing click & drag mappings between XML source files and any other destination file.
  • xmlHack is a powerful XML Text Editor, one that doesn't get in your way with bloated features.
Both of these tools are designed with the standard W3C specifications in mind and are meant for the common XML developer. In otherwords, they don't use any proprietary formats or special files.

Business and Application Integration is handled through SysOnyx's xmlLynx. xmlLynx allows easy message handling, transporting and translating messages from various different sources into any number of formats and destinations. xmlLynx comes complete with it's own API, allowing for easy expansion into different systems. One example of these expansions is xmlLinguist, a flatfile to XML converter, that through the xmlLynx engine, xmlLinguist will translate any flatfile into XML and visa-versa.

If the .com fallout has taught us anything, it's that people eventually see through fluff. Our experience has dictated to us that XML is easy, and application integration is not that difficult. Eventually, companies will wake up and realize that B2B solutions and XML-base tools are way overpriced. SysOnyx Inc. intends to be this wakeup call, with affordable solutions and tools.